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Lapidary Services

We do ALL of our cutting in-house! Our highly trained staff facet or cabochon gemstones on site. We encourage you to stop by, watch and ask questions so you and your family better understand the cutting process. With 4 machines, we keep a pretty quick turnaround and usually, your gemstone-cutting order can be picked up within just a few days, if you will not be in town we can ship the order when finished, or hold it until you are able to return to Blowing Rock.

When your gemstone-cutting services are complete, then we can discuss specific jewelry-making options to help you create a beautiful memory that will last a lifetime. For shipping orders, we can email pictures of the finished stones and discuss jewelry options via email.

Cutting prices may vary based on the beginning stone size. average cutting prices are as listed:


Average FACETING cost is $40.00 per finished gemstone.

Average CABOCHON cost is $25.00 per finished gemstone.


Bulk cutting discounts available for our FACETING services ONLY:


Over 5 stones for faceting orders receive a 10% discount.

Over 10 or more stones for faceting orders receive a 20% discount.

This discount does not apply to CABOCHONS.

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Prestigious Gemstone Appraisals, Inc.
Gemstone and Jewelry Appraisals

Appraisals are not just about knowing the value of your jewelry, but understanding its history. The details about the stones, their origin, who cut them, and when. These fine details are key to understanding a specific item's value. All appraisals are completed on-site by our Graduate Gemologists.

Get the same great quality appraisals for around half the price as our competitors. Bulk item appraisal discounts are available.




2 TO 5 ITEMS COST EACH: $45.00




Jewelry Creations

At McCoy Minerals, Inc., We have a full range of jewelry-making services, from custom orders to everyday standards. We also offer gemstone repair services to fix chips and breaks in the gemstone. Stop in and check out all we have to offer!

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